Rainbow Customer Support

Rainbow’s customer support teams, located in our Head Office, deliver first hand support to our telecoms, IT and mobile customers. When you call, a member of our team will take ownership of your technical issue and will work with you to resolve it. Should an onsite visit be required they are backed up by our telecoms and IT engineers who will complete any onsite work required.

We have also invested in gaining access to our suppliers provisioning portals and BT Openreachs WLR3 platforms, which enable us to run tests at the network level and where necessary escalate to their support teams, enabling Rainbow to offer comprehensive customer support.

Contacting Customer Support

To contact our customer support team call 0800 018 8082, customerservice@rainbowcomms.com or complete the Get in Touch form below.

Remote Support

Our Customer Care Teams are able to offer remote desktop support, allowing them to remotely resolve technical issues without the need for an onsite visit. To start a remote support session, click here.

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