Man and women in contact centre

Contact Centre brings all your customers communications together in one place, delivering an intuitive and seamless experience. Whether customers communicate with you over the phone or via digital platforms, all their communications are used to shape their experience.

Contact centre delivers your customers’ communications to your team on a single screen, enabling the highest levels of customer service to be delivered. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) the contact centre can also route calls to the most appropriate team, from your customers recent communications history, freeing up vital resources.

Seamless Communications

Contact Centre can integrate with your CRM, social media, web chat and more delivering your customer a seamless journey; no matter how they start their conversation. Your contact centre can answer online chats automatically and escalate conversations to a live agent with the appropriately specialism. Enabling your customer to get the answer to their question as quickly and easily as possible.

Flexibility Built as Standard

Rainbow’s contact centre is a private cloud-based solution, enabling business to adapt and change as and when needed whilst offering higher levels of security over public and hybrid cloud solutions. Features and users can be added or removed ensuring your team works as effectively as possible.

Contact Centre Features

The contact centre is an extension to Unified Communications and offers a range of additional benefits including:

  • Voice Routing of Calls
  • Self-Service Capabilities
  • Virtual Call Routing between Sites and Remote Workers
  • Skills Based Call Routing
  • CRM Integration
  • Web Chat
  • Email Response
  • Social Media
  • Call Recording

Contact centre delivers a user-centric approach to communications with your customers, delivering savings and efficiencies within a business of any size.

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