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Cloud telephony (sometimes know as Unified Communications (UC)) delivers a flexible and scalable telephony solution, merging voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing and more onto your desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet computers. Cloud telephony enables your team to work more effectively from anywhere with an internet connection.

Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors are benefiting from improved broadband speeds and applications that are designed for the cloud.

Cloud Telephone systems reduce the capital expenditure of upgrading old on-site PBX equipment. They future proof your telephony solutions, through flexible licensing agreements and allowing changes to the telephony system, without penalty.

UC is a single-application access solution to your communication services. Improving customer service Rainbow Voice in the cloudby providing your team with customer information whilst enabling your team to work better together.

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Hosted PBX – Gaining control over your business communications.

Manage individual and group call features. Enable your team to work more effectively by delivering desktop phone features to those on the move, whilst remotely managing your mobile telephony fleet.

SIP Trunking – Supercharging your PBX through the cloud

SIP Trunks traditionally offer communication resilience. SIP Trunks aid organisations that are not ready to lose their on-site PBX, gain access to enhanced telephony features via Unified Communications. Features can include Instant Messaging, Voice, Call Recording, Video and Business Continuity.

Integrate Services – Empowering communication on the go

Access features normally retained for advanced voicemail systems. Manage messages and faxes from an email account, web or mobile device and get message notifications displayed on computer monitors. Fax messages are virtualised and sent directly to your email.

Calls to various numbers can be routed to a fixed or mobile phone, whilst being managed through one mailbox, freeing the user from accessing several devices.

Virtual Call Centre – Enriching telephony experiences

Gain control over your organisations telephony experience. Monitor, mange and control your inbound telephony, through auto attendance, call queuing and call distribution features that quickly direct callers to the correct department and ensure their calls are answered as quickly as possible, whilst being kept informed of their call progress.

Managers and supervisors can gain control through integrated chat, presence and conferencing facilities. Where advanced features are available customer experience can be enhanced through call escalation, whisper messaging and call barge in, to manage negative experiences instantaneously. Management displays and reports on call centre efficiencies as well as individual operator performance.

Virtual Meetings & Conferencing – Maximising productivity through virtualisation

Whether a meeting is planned or impromptu, virtually hosting these meetings, work groups and conferences can enhance productivity. Cloud telephony does away with the need for travel and third party solutions through the Meet-Me facility that schedules, manages and records meetings with multiple participants and where facilities allow video conferencing can be enabled.

Colleague Availability and Messaging – Working in Real Time

Instant messaging and colleague presence allows the creation of custom user directories that enables users to see their colleagues availability for an instant message, to ask a quick question or hold a one-to-one or one-to-many group discussion around a particular topic. The system is tailored to meet each users preference and work across communication platforms allowing for complete visibility of your workforce availability, anywhere in the world.

Business Continuity – Remaining connected with your business

Reduce the impact of a business interruption caused by disruptive events or technical outages. Cloud telephony enables your team to work and collaborate remotely without the need to invest in a physical disaster recovery location, should the primary office become inoperable.

Cloud telephony can free essential staff (e.g. Snr IT Manager) from being office bound, increasing productivity. Instead of keeping them onsite for that what-if scenario, through virtualisation they become an on-call asset, enabling key staff to service your customers, whilst remaining able to carryout emergency work on office based systems.

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