Disaster Recovery

Hosted (VoIP) telephone systems are a vital component of a modern disaster recovery and business continuity plan, delivering the backup a business requires to remain operational when a crisis hits. Whether it’s a storm, fire or PBX failure; a hosted phone system has features that are designed to minimise business disruption. Unlike physical phone systems, virtual phone systems can act automatically should a line go down or be managed remotely; keeping you connected to your staff, customers and suppliers.

Should a crisis hit, a hosted phone system can:

Divert Calls

Should your phone system go down or you cannot access to your offices, your hosted phone system will divert your calls to a designated number/s enabling you to remain connected to your clients and suppliers.

Hunt Groups

Hunt groups are used by businesses daily to ensure calls are answered quickly. In a business continuity situation, calls can be distributed to the next available member of staff, or allocated by skill set ensuring calls get through to the most appropriate person.

Customer Messaging

Update customer messaging to ensure your customers are kept up to date and manage expectations.


Similarly to Customer Messaging, the answerphone can handle calls to non-essential numbers, freeing staff to answer more critical calls, such as service requests.

Managed Online

Having an online management platform for your phone system, provides the flexibility to update your settings and messaging, from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility during a crisis enables you to adjust your disaster recovery plan as the situation evolves.

Cloud Applications

By integrating your cloud applications and storage with your phone system, your staff can continue to work with their files and documents from anywhere, reducing the pressure on productivity.

Keep Staff Connected

Hosted phone systems enable preconfigured IP phones and connected devices to act as softphones from any location, enabling your staff to work from home or a backup location.

Having a disaster recovery plan is vital for any business, however many fail to think about their phones and how they will remain connected to their customers, suppliers and staff in an emergency. Rainbow has the expertise and experience to help you develop a disaster recovery plan that utilizes your phone system and keeps you connected.

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