PBX Phone System with Desktop Phones

An IP PBX or onsite telephone exchange enables businesses to manage their incoming and outgoing calls by sharing their telephone lines coming into their business between the users, whilst allowing free internal (on-net) calls between users. This enables the business to create efficiencies and deliver savings in a user friendly manner for their team.

Hybrid and IP PBX’s use a converged service, where both voice and data traffic travel along the same connection. This enables the business to utilise both their traditional telephone lines and VoIP services, enabling them to reduce the cost of calls, whilst delivering a range of features, normally reserved for more expensive telephone systems.

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Why Choose a physical IP PBX?

If you are in an area with poor broadband and or have existing SIP lines, then a physical phone system may be your only option. It will deliver all the functionality you require through your existing lines.

Cost of Ownership

If your business prefers upfront capital expenditure, an IP phone system offers a cost effective model of ownership as their will be lowered own going costs after the initial purchase/lease period, as there are no ongoing monthly subscriptions.

Multi or Single Site Locations

With an IP based telephone system, businesses can manage their calls effectively between sites. Using site to site technology allows multiple locations to share the same phone system, allowing you to maximise your telecoms investment.

For businesses that only operated out of the one location an onsite PBX delivers a practical solution to your telephone requirements,


To find out more about the features, please see our useful feature guide Telephone Feature Descriptions.

Upgrading Your PBX

With the growth of IP and Cloud technology most businesses will upgrade from traditional ISDN lines to SIP trunks with a modern IP Business or Hosted (cloud) System to benefit from a fully IP solution.

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