ISDN and PSTN lines are being retired by BT, meaning businesses will be forced to move their telephone systems over to an IP connection. Hosted telephony delivers several advantages over traditional PBX’s whilst delivering saving of up to 50%.*

End of ISDN Lines

BT announced last year that they intend to end the sale of ISDN/PSTN lines in 2020 and eventually retire the network in 2025, in favour of their 21st Century Network (21CN).

How will this affect my business?

Presently it does not directly affect your business, but in 36 months the provision of ISDN/PSTN lines will be affected and in 2025, onsite PBX’s will require IP connectivity or transferred into the cloud via a hosted telephone system.

What is hosted telephony?

At its simplest a hosted telephone system is a PBX that is hosted remotely to your business, that delivers all of the benefits of a physical PBX plus additional functionality through an IP connection.

Being hosted ‘in the cloud’, your telephony is delivered through a dedicated internet connection into your premises. This means that you can reduce line rentals, send voice traffic between sites free of charge and connect to your voice and data systems, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Should I move now?

Many businesses in Northern Ireland have already moved and are enjoying the increased productivity, flexibility and cost savings a hosted telephone system delivers.

If your business is planning an expansion, moving premises, or retiring your PBX; then you should definitely consider a hosted telephone system. Even if you are not, the same benefits can be added to your existing PBX by connecting it to an IP connection.

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Do I need superfast internet?

No, it’s a common misconception that you need a superfast broadband connection for hosted telephony. This will depend on your setup, feature requirements and number of users, but we would recommend a 100kb per user/voice call allowance. This means that a small office, with low speed internet connection can benefit from a hosted telephony system, as much as a large multi-site organisation.

Benefits of hosted telephony

Hosted telephony has many benefits over traditional phone systems, these include:

  • Flexible multi-site phone system
  • Access to calls, files, CRM and more on the go
  • Collaborative working tools, including desktop sharing and conferencing
  • Unified Communications bringing your business’ data and voice traffic together seamlessly
  • Your office phone can be diverted to your mobile, meaning you never miss a call.

Why Choose Rainbow’s Hosted Telephony Solution?

Rainbow has the expertise, partners and local knowledge to provide impartial advice on your telephony requirements and guide you through any migration to hosted telephony.

Rainbow’s hosted telephony solution is quick and easy to install and delivers savings up to 50% on traditional phone systems*. Rainbow:

  • Only works with Carrier Grade Partners, guaranteeing the quality of service.
  • Guarantees uptime of 99%.
  • ISO accreditation for Data Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
  • Calls to the UK and Ireland included.**
  • Inbuilt Fraud Protection.***

So start your hosted telephony journey with a non-obligatory audit of your existing telephony set-up and discover how a hosted telephone system can help your business.

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* Savings dependent on existing line setup and telephone system.

** Minute bundles available

*** Fraud protection limits your exposure to fraudulent activity. There are no ways to guarantee your system against fraudulent activity. Please visit our fraud section to find out more and learn how to protect your business

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