Network Firewall Device

Firewalls protect IT systems from cyber attack by monitoring traffic on your network and only allowing authorised traffic. Firewalls scan the network traffic, including the TCP header of IP packets to discover the origins of the data flow and known virus signatures to establish whether a file should be allowed on your network.

A good firewall will

  • Monitor Two-Way Traffic, to and from the internet
  • Block Trojans
  • Stop Hackers
  • Stop Keyloggers
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Next Generation Firewalls

For those seeking a more advanced solution, next generation firewalls search for the tell-tail signs of a cyber attack on the network, through deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention. Not only are Next Generation Firewalls more methodical in searching for hazards, they are application aware. Allowing for the closer inspection of traffic from any source and applying the firewall rules to specific packets, trying to access your network.

Those applications that are authorised can travel freely on your network, whilst those applications that are not are sent for closer examination in a safe environment, a ‘sandbox’, to watch their behaviour; any abnormal behaviours can be observed without affecting your network and advised to your IT team.

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