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Rainbow’s IT support service provides business with the IT expertise and resources required to keep their Networks and Systems operational, in optimal health and secure against cyber threats.

IT Consultancy

Rainbow will help identify your IT requirements and offers impartial advice in plain language, allowing you to make informed decisions about your technology infrastructure.

Project Management

Seeking independent advice on IT projects can save time and maximise your investment. Rainbow’s team will work alongside you from initial planning through to implementation, ensuring that your project is delivered on time and in budget.

IT Maintenance and Support

With IT solutions becoming increasingly integrated into our working lives, when a fault arises it can cause major disruption. Rainbow’s team are on hand to troubleshoot, diagnose and manage your repairs to ensure that you get up and running in the shortest possible time.

Servers & Networks

Rainbow offers a comprehensive range of server solutions from ‘best of breed’ vendors including HP, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu. Rainbow can deliver entry level server configurations for small/medium network environments to enterprise systems for dedicated services requiring thin client, virtualisation, clustering and SAN technologies.

Networking infrastructure technologies including design and implementation of switching fabrics using leading vendor hardware, including Cisco, HP and Netgear.

IT Security

Network and end point security is vital in protecting your business against cyber attack and fraud. Having access to leading antivirus, traditional and next generation firewall solutions can help protect your business against these threats. Find out more about Rainbow’s Security Services.

Cloud Backed Up Solutions

Rainbow’s cloud based solution enables the implementation of a highly resilient service offering managed data backup and restoration facilities. Your data is safely secured at our hosted storage facility.

Hardware and Software Solutions

With access to the industry leading manufactures and best in breed software and hardware solutions, Rainbow can provide you with the expertise to ensure your business capitalises on its hardware and software solutions.

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