ISDN Stop Sell

What does ‘ISDN Stop Sell’ Mean to Your Business?

Openreach have officially begun the withdrawal of ISDN/PSTN services from telephone exchanges across Northern Ireland by issuing stop sell notices.

Why are these services being withdrawn?

ISDN and PSTN services rely on the old Openreach copper network that have been superseded by Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies that offer a feature rich environment and cost savings.

What is an Openreach Stop Sell Notification?

A Stop Sell Notification is a simple mechanism that restricts the sale and provision of ISDN/PSTN services in a telephone exchange, in preparation of its retirement in that area.

Openreach have officially begun the withdrawal of ISDN/PSTN services in Northern Ireland, and will start enforcing Stop Sell Notice’s on various telephone exchange from June 2021.

How Can Rainbow Help?

Depending on the size of your business, your current telephony set-up and future plans, Rainbow can advise you on the best IT and telephony solutions to meet your needs.

Rainbow can help you choose between a fully cloud based phone system, a hybrid telephone system, digital phone lines or a combination of these solutions.

When Should I Act?

Even though you will be advised when you are due to be in a Stop Sell telephone exchange area, we’d recommend that you act sooner than later. Not only will you benefit from the advantages of VoIP telephony, you will be avoiding the inevitable rush to upgrade when these services are withdrawn.

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