Mobile fraud is on the increase with extremely intricate syndicates working to attack users and ultimately make financial gain at the customer’s expense. At Rainbow Communications we are committed to minimising the risk and making our customers aware of the potential avenues that these criminals will look for and exploit.

Should a mobile device be lost or stolen you should report it stolen to your network provider immediately and then advise the Police and Rainbow Communications.

 Simple mobile phone security steps

  1. Using separate pins to unlock the phone and the sim card;
  2. Set the phone to lock automatically and lock it when finished;
  3. Activate Find My Phone features or download a similar application. Set it up to remotely find your phone and wipe the device if necessary;
  4. Install anti-virus software and run it regularly;
  5. Turn off the data roaming on the phone, unless you are using it, and where possible connect to a free Wi-Fi hot spot;
  6. Turn your Bluetooth off, when not in use, or enable its security features;
  7. Do not visit website with suspicious URLs;
  8. Regularly review your mobile phone bill to establish any fraudulent activity;
  9. Restrict premium and international telephone numbers.
  10. Businesses using newer versions of Microsoft Exchange will have the ability to manage users Outlook access and have the ability to revoke access and remotely wipe devices.

 Managing your apps can also help protect your phone

  1. Only installing apps from recognised app stores;
  2. Consider the age rating of the apps you install, especially if you have children;
  3. Restrict in-app purchases;
  4. Only grant apps access to parts of your phone they require (i.e. a photo editing app will require access to your photos), this can normally be managed through the settings menu;
  5. Delete apps you don’t use;
  6. Be aware of costs when roaming and the ability to make in-app purchases;
  7. Cleanse your phone when you’re finished with it, erase all data and apps and then run a factory reset.

Specialist Solutions

For organisations that require additional security, specialist software can be purchased that enables businesses to manage their business files, emails, apps and contacts on their mobile devices enabling new users to be added to their network or easily remove devices and wipe them should they be lost or stolen. These software packages may also offer additional benefits including encryption of business material, granting access to Wi-Fi and VPN networks and keeping personal and business information separate. Rainbow’s IT Team can advise on how best to secure software to secure your mobile telephony fleet.


If it is of concern some insurance providers may offer a Crime Insurance Policy to help mitigate against these frauds.

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