Rainbow’s Commitment Against Fraud

Rainbow has created the following pages to help you take measures to protect your business against telephony (phone system) and mobile fraud.  Unfortunately Rainbow Communications cannot prevent fraud, but we will do our best to help detect and prevent fraud, these pages have been created as our attempt to help you minimise fraud, rather than a guarantee or promise that all fraud will be avoided or stopped.

Telephone System Fraud 

Dial-through fraud is a multi-billion pound global black industry affecting businesses of all sizes. Rainbow itself was affected when this fraud first came about, costing the company thousands, but after implementing security precautions, we have yet to be affected again; though we are not complacent against this threat. For those using a traditional PBX the fraudster will normally hack into the system and dial international and premium rate numbers, by exploiting remote access to voicemail, message forwarding and call diversion features. VOIP systems are usually attacked via malware or accessing the IP address that connects the PBX box to bypass the firewalls.

We have created the following page full of useful advice, to help you secure your telephony system against this fraud.

Mobile Phone Fraud 

Mobile telephony fraud can range from a handset being stolen and used, being tricked into calling or texting a premium rate number, the phone being cloned or used for eavesdropping. Unfortunately this is not an exhaustive list, but illustrates the wide range of methods that can be used to conduct mobile fraud.

Apps are another important consideration. Some apps may use and give away the user’s personal information, location, address book and financial information through pre-set permissions. Rough apps can rack up large bills, without your knowledge.

To help secure your business mobile devices we have compiled a page full of useful tips. You can also use theses at home to help secure your family’s mobile devices.

Reporting Fraud 

You should report any incidence of fraud to the Police, via the Action Fraud website, www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040. This is a central point of contact for reporting fraud and internet crime in the UK. They will provide you with a police crime reference number.

Cost of Fraud Falls on the Customer

Rainbow Communications would like to remind its customers that it is their responsibility to protect their cloud and or PBX telephony system from dial through fraud and their mobile fleet from fraudulent use. If fraud occurs, the customer is liable for any charges incurred due to unauthorised use of their services.

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