Fleet Management

Fleet management is complex managing vehicles, assets, drivers, monitoring fuel usage and costs, meeting compliance requirements and creating management reports.

Rainbow’s fleet management brings together vehicle location, fuel transactions, maintenance schedules, driver styles and much more on one powerful tool, showing fleet metrics in user-friendly dashboards and reports. Allowing you to get more out of your fleet with minimal hassle.

GPS and Vehicle Tracking

Knowing where your vehicles are on Google Maps in real time, through GPS tracking, allows you to make decisions on how to deploy your fleet. Combine this information with other fleet relevant information, our system collects, and you can start to understand how to optimise your fleets performance and efficiency.

Fuel Management

Fuel is probably your largest cost. Being able to track and monitor how and where your fuel is purchased and used, can help reduce these costs. Rainbow’s solution offers fuel card integration with GPS tracking allowing you to match fuelling to vehicle location and expected mpg to actual mpg, which can promote greener driving and potential fuel theft or loss.

Fleet Maintenance

Keeping your fleet on the road and in good operational condition is vital in maintaining operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. Rainbow’s maintenance tracker tracks previous maintenances, raises alerts and reminders for upcoming routine maintenance and records walk around checks (we can automate these for you as well).

Walk-around Checks and Compliance

Paperless walk around checks ensures that the records are kept safe and are recording inline with legal compliance. Rainbow’s digital walk around check uses the HAS/RSA standard and can be customised to meet your exact requirements. The app is installed on a connected devices saving time in completing and recording these walk around compliance checks.

Driver Behaviour

Adjusting driving habits can save fuel and improve safety for the driver and other road users. Rainbow’s solution can alert fleet managers to instances of speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration and idling.

Driver Challenges

To encourage driver behaviour change set challenges and create league tables for your drivers to improve fuel efficiency or reduce dangerous driving. This active competition encourages your drivers to adapt their style and creates friendly rivalry, which reduces your costs.

Fleet Safety & Security

Knowing where your drivers are enables you to advise them of adverse condition, traffic delays and other extraordinary events that might cause them danger or stress. With the GPS tracking you can locate your drivers and or stolen assets on Google maps and automate walk around checks to ensure that your vehicles is roadworthy and safe.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your mobile assets with battery powered tracking devices. Knowing where assets are, being able to run reports and create geofences, enables you to manage and protect your mobile assets. With asset tracking you can deploy your mobile assets confidently in the knowledge they will only be used as directed.

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