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How Do I Set Up Online Billing?


Your first bill will arrive by post, between 4-5 days after your phones being connected. Please note that EE bill their line rental monthly in advance, this means that your bill will be higher than what you have agreed to, conversely your last bill will be lowered. You will also notice ‘strange’ numbers on your bill, these are the temporary numbers you received on your new SIM cards, before your existing numbers were transferred.

One of the benefits of Rainbow Mobile is our customer service team, who can manage your account with EE on your behalf. This means you do not have to wait on hold or deal with call centres as our team can swap sims, add bolt on’s and make enquires. To allow us to do this we will need you to complete a Third Party Access Form, which will contain your account password and authorisation signature. Please complete this and post this back to us, to take advantage of this service. Unfortunately we cannot manage your account with EE without this form.

EE uses a paperless billing system, which allows you to access your bills conveniently online. Please can you complete the attached form, so that we can set up your new online account on your behalf. Once we have this set up, EE will post you a pin to activate your account.


O2 have gone paperless, to view your bills each month, you will need to set up an online log in.

To set up O2 Business Online Billing Manager, go to the following link

You will need to register as a new user. Here you will need to input your O2 account number and request a forgotten pin, this will then be posted out to the main billing address. Once this pin is received you can continue with the registration, you will need to input a user name (this needs to be an email address)and password details.

If you prefer paper billing this can be arranged and will be charged at £1 per month per handset.


To set up online billing:

  • Please click on “Log into my account” and “register with Vodafone”
  • Follow the on screen instructions

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