The future for the telephone network is digital.

The digital phone line is the new standard connection for small business to access the telephone network, by replacing the analogue telephone network.

What is a Digital Phone Line

Most small businesses currently have a copper line coming into their premises for their voice traffic, and a Coax/Fibre line for their internet data connection. A digital phone line delivers both voice and data over the internet connection. It’s a simple form of VoIP.

There are several technical terms for this service, SOGEA and SOGFast are just two.

Why Go Digital

  • Future Proof – A phone line that is as flexible as your business
  • Simplify – Get your voice and data from one supplier
  • Save – Save money, with one connection and a choice of bolt-ons

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Openreach Are Retiring the Traditional Phone Network

Openreach who provide the backbone of the telephone network are set to retire the traditional copper telephone line network. Between June 2021 and 2023, they will stop selling and making changes to traditional phone services. They will then withdraw these services, once key criteria are met, as agreed by Ofcom; forcing all business onto digital lines and more specialist VoIP services.

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