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Specialising in advising on and managing final salary pension schemes throughout UK and Ireland, Veratta wanted to replace a legacy telephony system, with a modern flexible and secure telephony solution, to maximise their teams productivity and to meet their growing businesses requirements.

Monica Cope, Veratta,  “As a leading provider of pensions administration and actuarial services, Veratta have to be agile and accessible to their clients. It’s essential our team can work effectively, regardless of their location. Rainbow’s Cloud Telephony provided us with the flexibility we needed to empower our team.”


With offices in London, Belfast, Bristol and Glasgow, Veratta’s legacy telephony solution, was delivered through multiple suppliers. This caused technical conflicts between systems and difficulties for our teams working between the various offices and eat home.

Veratta required an integrated solution to improve their communications and enable them to work on the move, with the flexibility to be rapidly scaled up or down. In addition any telephony solution needed to comply with stringent information security requirements.

After reviewing their digital infrastructure and communications technology, Veratta identified that a Cloud Telephony solution could help deliver the flexibility and security they required.

Cloud Telephony Solution

Rainbow’s Cloud Telephony solution enabled Veratta to capitalise on the trend towards virtual telephony. The range of hosted services that improve collaboration also eliminated major capital investments and reduced operational and maintenance costs.

The cloud telephony solution improved Veratta’s communications and business processes, and future proofed their telecoms infrastructure by having the ability to grow their solution to 600 users.

Monica Cope concluded, “Veratta saw the benefits of how technology could reduce departmentalisation across the organisation and increase remote collaboration. As a leading pension consultancy across the UK, we realise remote working is key to our success. Rainbow’s Cloud Telephony solution is scalable, highly secure, reliable and has the flexibility to grow with our business. Working with Rainbow’s Cloud Telephony had already driven significant change and efficiencies within our organisation”.



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