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Mobile phone security ensures that your business data remains’ safe and secure, enabling employees to carry both personal and business information on one device.

Manage your mobile fleets centrally, choose to push out device settings, install/uninstall apps and securely partition off sections of a mobile device memory for business purposes. Mobile Device Management gives you the confidence to manage your devices, ensuring user and device policies are adhered to, protected from threats and the device can be remotely locked or wiped of business data.

Rainbow works with Mobile Iron to deliver a fully managed and mobile device management platform.  Mobile Iron works with all major mobile devices, Operating Systems and can also manage any Windows 10 devices making it easier to manage your whole digital estate and remain in control of your mobile devices and data.

MobileIron platform architecture-2016


For those who use Samsung devices, MobileIron works in partnership with Samsung’s inbuilt proprietary mobile security software, Samsung KNOX, which has been adopted by both the UK and American Governments. Samsung KNOX gives you all the security you need for enterprise mobility.

Samsung Knox Architecture

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