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Small businesses with personal mobile plans, are missing out by not having a business mobile plan. Business tariffs are designed to support business and protect them from some of the risks a personal tariff can bring. Whether you have one or one hundred connections, you could be missing out.

Built for business

The differences between a personal and business tariff may appear small at first, but there are some important differences:

  • Minutes, texts and data can be pooled across users. This allows heavy users to use the allowance of lighter users, balancing the mobile usage across all users.
  • International minutes are easily overlooked, especially with the European right to roam. Unfortunately, this does not include calls made from the UK. Business tariffs have minutes built in to dial the EU and further afield.
  • One itemised bill makes it easier to track usage, manage costs and administer your mobile fleet

Cash Back & Hardware Funds

Whether you require new hardware or not, you can move to a more competitive tariff or effective network, knowing money is set aside to upgrade your hardware or reduce your monthly bill at a later date.

Tax deductible and VAT reclaimed

Claim the VAT back and reduce your business tax burden. A business mobile tariff can deliver real saving for a small business, whilst improving customer experience.

Business Warranty, Insurance and a Loan Handsets

Everyone will have that oops moment be that breaking the screen, leaving your phone in a taxi or the handset simply stops working. Rainbow can offer a two-year extended manufacturer warranty, handset insurance tailored for business and a loan phone to keep you connected until your phone is repaired or replaced.

No Call Centres and a Dedicated Account Manager

Do away with waiting in a queue for a call centre employee. Rainbow gives you a dedicated account manager to manage your mobile fleet and access to our mobile customer care team who look after your daily mobile requests.

Business Grade Security

Keeping your business’ information safe is important, a device be lost or stolen. Rainbow offers mobile security solutions that protect your mobiles and the information stored on it. For those who require additional piece of mind, user information can be partitioned separately from business data and devices can be managed remotely.

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