Wires going into PBX

SIP Trunks replaces traditional ISDN and analogue lines, connecting your businesses Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via a broadband, Ethernet or private circuit network.

Cost Effective

SIP Trunks allow multiple calls to travel over one internet connection (VoIP), making SIP more cost effective per an IP channel over traditional lines.  Your business can also benefit from free on net calls and reduced call charges.


SIP Trunks are internet based, which puts you in control. Channels can be added or removed to meet seasonal demands at the SIP Trunk Level, ensuring your business only pays for the number of channels required.

Disaster Recovery

What happens if you cannot access your office or it has to be closed in an emergency? Disaster recovery comes as standard with SIP Trunking, allowing calls to be automatically diverted to a secondary number or location, while with traditional services (e.g. ISDN) call forwarding and disaster recovery is chargeable

Call Quality

Voice calls are made in high definition on Rainbow’s SIP Trunking, matching and in some cases surpassing ISDN line quality. Rainbow will advise you on how to priorities the traffic over your SIP Trunk to ensure it meets your business requirements.

Multi-site Connection

Linking your main office to another site or home office cannot be easier, everything can be linked back to your main PBX via an IP connection, allowing for free on net calls to be made between locations.

SIP Security Video


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