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Please be aware that these services are currently in the process of being switched off. Please see our ISDN switch off section for more information.

Alternative Services: Digital LinesHosted VoIP Phone SystemSIP Trunks.

ISDN lines replace traditional analogue lines, delivering clearer and sharper calls and faster data connectivity to your business.  Each ISDN channel, lets voice or data traffic travel over its digital connection, allowing you to do more, such as have concurrent calls or a dedicated internet or fax line and a phone line.


ISDN2 lines are ideal for business with 2 to 8 employees, as you can add or remove channels, in pairs, up to a maximum 8 channels to suit your business needs.

Each channel can be configured separately. This allows you to tailor your connection to your business, including having different phone numbers for various phones and devices, double up channels for a faster internet connection or allow simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls.

If you have a phone system your DDI’s will work as normal.

ISDN 30e

ISDN30 are suited to larger businesses, allowing up to 30 channels to be individually configured for calls or data traffic.

ISDN30 allows for channels to be combined to create crystal clear calls, faster internet connections and facilitate direct dial numbers. ISDN30 lines can also be used to connect two sites in a Wide Area Network.

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