Telephone Handset

Please be aware that these services are currently in the process of being switched off. Please see our ISDN switch off section for more information.

Alternative Services: Digital LinesHosted VoIP Phone SystemSIP Trunks.

Analogue lines deliver telephony through traditional copper wires, offering small businesses high quality voice calls and basic telephony functionality, at a low cost. These lines are ideal for small retail premises, restaurants, service providers or those who operate out of a home office, as there are minimal setup costs, low maintenance requirements and are simple to use.

Analogue lines can only make one call at a time, so are ideal for managing costs, but they can easily be upgraded to multiple analogue lines, allowing for multiple incoming and outgoing calls on a single number at the same time. An alternative solution is an ISDN line, which offers a cost effective upgrade.

Legacy Technology

For those organisations that are still running legacy equipment, such as fax machines, burglar alarms and payment terminals, which are not supported on IP lines, an analogue line can provide a cost effective alternative to upgrading your hardware, whist allowing your business to benefit from VoIP technologies and enhanced telephony features.

Business Continuity

Having a backup to your ISDN lines and SIP trunks, ensures that your customers will still be able to get in contact with your business, should your IP telephony go down for any reason. With hybrid telephone systems, these can be integrated into your main phone providing a seamless fall over capabilities

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