SD WAN Conceptual Image

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) are taking over the management of traditional business Wide Area Networks (WAN), giving IT Managers the control to manage their applications, quality of service, bandwidth demands and business network security requirements.

The traditional WAN acts as a hub and spoke network, with the data centre being the hub and the users being the spokes; accessing the hub via their internet connection. However, with the growth of remote office locations, remote working and cloud applications, the traditional WAN network had several limitations with slower data transition whilst increasing security risks.

SD-WAN Network

An SD-WAN Network maps the various business resources to the most appropriate connectivity solution, and can switch seamlessly between to ensure quality of service. For example, a VoIP call may start using a 4G or standard broadband connection, but as call goes on and other demands are placed on these networks an SD-WAN Network will transfer the call to the companies leased line to maintain call quality.

SD-WAN Efficiency

IT Managers have struggled with meeting demand and capacity, as the information they used to shape their network was historic and couldn’t take into account all the connections and various applications that where run locally or remotely in the cloud. SD-WAN enables IT to direct resources more effectively and use dynamic pathways to maintain connection and service quality.

SD-WAN Security

With any new IT deployment, the network security should be evaluated and tested to ensure that the integrity of the dynamic network is maintained with the various access points for both users and software applications.

SD-WAN Savings

Depending on your current network set-up and technology deployment, businesses can see savings of up to 40%. The saving come from the potential rationalisation of your network from an MPLS to Fibre network and the virtualisation of the network infrastructure. The real savings come from the flexibility and network performance a dynamic network provides to the working environment.

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