Lines connecting different parts of the World

Leased Lines are also known as Private Circuits and Dedicated Internet Connections, providing a private connection to the exchange guaranteeing upload and download speeds, improving productivity and efficiencies within the work place.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

With 1:1 contention and optimised speeds, Leased Lines ensure that your internet traffic can travel uninterrupted and securely between sites.

Symmetric Speeds

Upload speeds can be as important as download speeds when sending large confidential files. Rainbow’s leased lines offer symmetric traffic ensuring upload and download traffic have the same priority.

100% Availability

With no usage allowances and guaranteed bandwidth, your internet connection is always there. Combine this with a guaranteed uptime of over 99% and a 24/7 SLA with a guaranteed 4 hour fix time, leased lines are there when you need them.


Having 1:1 contention guarantees that your internet traffic is secure as your business is the only user of the connection and our IT security team can advise you on Next Generation Firewalls solutions, click here to find out more. {link to firewalls}

Share the Benefits

Rainbow can work with you and your neighbouring businesses to deliver the benefits of a Leased Line, but spreading the costs. This is an ideal option for business parks or office blocks.

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