Ethernet globe and computer circuit

Ethernets provides a fast, secure and resilient data and voice connection between your business sites, depending on the distance and complexity of the connection you will either need a Point-to-Point connection or a Virtual Private Network. An Ethernet connection will give you:

Low Latency

Allow your team to share information in almost real time, and ensure your systems are kept up to date.


Ethernets do not use the internet to transfer data and voice services between your sites, but by a direct link via a private connection.

  • Tailored to suit your business
  • Point-to-Point (P2P) Ethernet Connection
  • P2P connects local sites with a physical fibre connection, enabling your sites to work in unison.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Ethernet Connection

VPNs create a private virtual connection between sites that are further a field, using a mixture dedicated access circuits and then a virtual connection which you can tailor the class of services and speed meet your needs.

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