fibre optics and ethernet cables

Business Connectivity

Communications and IT services are dependent on internet connectivity and with technology and costs coming down in recent years, business are moving away from their traditional ADSL and fibre broadband connections to get more out of their infrastructure investment.

Just as large enterprises have previously chosen to use VoIP services and connected their various sites to modernise their information and communications, SME’s are now adopting these solutions to streamline their business operations.

Rainbow will help you choose the correct networking solution for your business by taking the time to understand your requirements, so that we can offer a solution that fits your business. Click here to arrange to speak to one of our Connectivity Specialists.

High Speed Ethernet

Connect local offices in a cost effective manner, that will allow them to work quickly and securely across sites. To find out more about High Speed Ethernet, click here.

Ethernet First Mile

If fibre is not available in your area, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) offers a practical solution, delivering high speed internet to your office through bundled copper cables. To find out more about Ethernet First Mile, click here.

Leased Line

Leased lines (Private Circuits) give businesses a private link to the internet exchange and between sites, guaranteeing bandwidth, connection speeds and availability of connection. To find out more about Leased Lines, click here.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking replaces your analogue or ISDN lines delivering your calls over the internet (VoIP phone systems), allowing you to increase the number of concurrent calls you can make and access a wide range of call features, Telephone Feature Descriptions. To find out more about SIP Trunks click here.

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