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Get ready for a digitally-focused future

It’s easy to get weighed down after the challenges of the last 18 months which have affected businesses large and small but, thankfully, the economic recovery is gathering speed and the opportunities for business are increasing.

Northern Ireland’s business environment is resilient, ambitious and vibrant. It’s one of the most digitally connected and engaged locations in the world after years of forward-thinking investment in superfast broadband, wireless infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and data science.

It gets better. Last year, Belfast was among only three UK cities to be chosen by the World Economic Forum as a ‘global smart city’ in its alliance of 22 countries to help realise its full digital potential.

This is why Northern Ireland is gaining a reputation globally as a place to do business.

So what does all this mean for local businesses?

Firstly, we can gain comfort that investment pledged many years ago has and is delivering the digital frameworks we need right now to run our businesses more productively, connect with colleagues and clients more easily from anywhere – and save money in the process.

Better access to superfast broadband and more reliable 4G and 5G mobile networks will help the economy to create jobs and support innovation and growth, and it opens up a plethora of new and exciting options for businesses who have not yet fully embraced the digital journey – online file sharing, access to the ‘Cloud’, data storage and backup, video conferencing and much, much more.

So whether you are an established enterprise, or a start-up, the way you do business has changed – from remote working, customers increasing use of digital channels to taking advantage our place in the global economy.

With the big tools in place – access to superfast broadband and high-speed mobile networks – local businesses now have an unrivalled opportunity to make sure they have the best digital kit to keep them on the road to recovery and further growth.

Radius Connect has been connecting, supporting and helping to drive businesses forward for more than 30 years, locally and internationally with a trusted local team and partners who deliver bespoke solutions every day.

We continue to help some of Northern Ireland’s biggest – and smallest – names strengthen their foundation for future national and international growth.

Top agricultural supplier UPU Industries is investing right now in a major digital transformation that confidently links it from its headquarters in Lisburn to its Kansas, US base and all across the world to further build its commercial might, while CBRE is underscoring its continued success with greater connectivity and mobility across its Belfast-based team.

By choosing Radius Connect to help exploit the advantages of a more digitally-focused future, you will gain a business partner that will work and grow with you.

Committed to Northern Ireland, Radius has been operating here for over 25 years, establishing ourselves as the supplier of choice for thousands of businesses for mobiles and business phones, internet solutions cloud services, business applications, data security and services.

With an in-house team of accredited engineers based here in Belfast, businesses across Northern Ireland can continue to rely on Radius Connect to deliver to their exacting needs, freeing valuable time to drive new business growth and productivity in a better connected world.

Radius Connect provides an expansive range of services based on solutions from industry-leading technology providers like Microsoft, NFon, Cisco, Avaya and 8×8, as well as services from EE, Gamma, O2, and Vodafone.

Now is the time to connect your business’ to Northern Ireland’s economic recovery.


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