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Making smarter business connections in Northern Ireland

Despite significant progress, it’s taken a global pandemic for many businesses to realise that the ability to innovate quickly is vitally important for future stability, flexibility and growth – and those organisations that were more digitally mature have definitely had the edge.

For more than 30 years, Radius Connect has been building a strong local, national and international presence in the provision of quality business communications that combines experience and industry know how to help local businesses succeed.

Through our acquisition of Connect Total and, more recently, leading IT and telecoms provider Rainbow Communications, Radius Connect now encompasses a local team of around 150 staff in Northern Ireland focused solely on delivering mobile and non-mobile services to a growing client base now more rapidly making the move from legacy technology to cloud-based services.

By investing in our people, our business and in the local economy, we’re committed to helping local businesses easily navigate the rapidly-changed mobile and tech landscape so that they can capitalise on the benefits available right now. We don’t sell products. We listen and we provide solutions for what businesses need.

Though the pandemic has generated enormous challenges, most SMEs in Northern Ireland now recognise that it is creating significant new opportunities for growth, to help communicate better, more efficiently and more securely. From professional services to manufacturing, retail and tourism, the need to innovate has never been greater.

Committed to our growing Belfast location, we can now enable more businesses to experience the benefits which unifying and strengthening communications can bring while offering more choice, quality and value than ever before.

What clients and customers want – and how they want to interact – is changing rapidly, and those organisations that move to meet their engagement needs can transform their outlook and prospects for a generation with our help. For many companies, remote working will remain a feature to some degree and the infrastructure which will underpin this will be an essential enabler.

With MS Teams, integrated VoIP telephony and secure cloud access in place, staff can confidently work anywhere at any time with all the tools they need – from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. A major new force in Northern Ireland, Radius Connect is also part of something bigger – Radius Payment Solutions – a 2020 Sunday Times Top Track 100 company with a turnover which exceeded £2.6 billion last year.

One of Britain’s largest 100 private companies, we can now bring even greater product choice, opportunity and industry insight to Northern Ireland, including fuel and telematics for the fleet and transport sectors through to insurance solutions that meet every business need. We see innovation and technology as critical elements in helping us define our future and how we differentiate ourselves and are constantly looking at ways to improve what we do.

Using our combination of data, networking and industry insight means we can support companies of all sizes in getting the smartest approach to their operations, differentiating us and how we deliver value. Our approach is based on giving customers access to a wide range of market-leading products backed up with independent consultancy, installation services and award winning customer service.

As Northern Ireland’s economic recovery gathers pace, we want to help companies embrace digital solutions which will make them more resilient, more efficient and future-focused, enabling them to rebuild faster, compete and win.

By harnessing the benefits, every company can quickly become more efficient, more productive and more secure. In an increasingly uncertain world, confidence is everything and we look forward to sharing the insights and delivering the tools that drives opportunity and prosperity – and we want to continue what makes our customers happy. Whether you are an established enterprise, or a growing start up, we can support you. Let’s plan a better future together.

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