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The end of ISDN is closing fast – so what are your options now?

As Openreach ramps up its closure plans for ISDN, local businesses turn to VoIP

With the challenges presented by Covid-19, business owners and managers can be forgiven for having their minds focused on the short term.

However, there is one fairly important item that you might not have been considering which will affect the long term future of your business – and it will be on your radar very soon if it isn’t already.

In line with its target to halt the provision of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Openreach is already signalling the end of ISDN sales in postcodes across Northern Ireland.

The reality for many organisations is that change is now acutely imminent as the ‘traditional’ backbone of Northern Ireland’s voice services is wound down. It’s a big deal, and its impact on every business is huge.

Why are ISDN products and services being wound down?

Quite simply, they’re not fit for purpose anymore. The demand for digital data, powered by mobile technology, means new networks, capabilities and capacities are required to ensure our connectivity remains intact and fit for the future.

Now that the clock is ticking louder, you have two simple choices. You could stick with what you have and wait until the bitter end or act now! Make the savings and gain the flexibility from VoIP which is now firmly moving towards maturity. Making the transition now will also mean you avoid the pent-up demand and inevitable rush which the full scale-down will inevitably bring.

There are also great options to consider.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is now the go-to choice for businesses, delivering all the benefits of its predecessor, whilst offering additional functionality, higher resilience and greater flexibility.

Not least, there’s also significant cost savings on both infrastructure and call rates while facilitating the ease to more remote working. You can cheaply add new lines easily or have one single number which follows you wherever you are.

You’ll have two options when replacing your ISDN line

SIP trunking, which replaces the traditional lines going into the existing phone system, with an internet connection. The benefit of this approach is that it allows an organisation to continue to utilise its Private Branch Exchange (PBX), whilst adding additional resilience, functionality and capacity through the internet connection.

The other is to use a ‘hosted’ telephony system, which removes the need for a physical phone system, as everything is hosted in the cloud, creating a virtual phone system. Hosted telephony enables an organisation to benefit from all the functionality of a premium phone system but allows access to calls via any connected device and office locations effectively.

The right option for your business depends on a range of factors, including the current business set-up, future plans and internet connectivity.

In 2016, Computer Weekly magazine summed things up: “Connectivity in the UK is getting faster and faster, so who knows – it may happen even sooner than 2025. But while the date may move by a few years here or there, the one certainty is this; ISDN is an outdated technology that is simply not as good as modern VoIP. Don’t stay in the past.”

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