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Home working: Your new battle plan for growth

Stuart Carson, Sales & Marketing Director at Rainbow Communications says now is the time to really accelerate your business plans by overhauling how you work for the better.

Though the Covid-19 crisis has brought huge upheaval and havoc, it has taught businesses of all sizes in Northern Ireland about the importance of resilience and business continuity planning – and there’s every sign that companies have risen to this challenge remarkably well.

This ‘new normal’ looks set to remain for most of us for some time yet, but as many companies are already preparing for a mass repatriation back to our offices and places of work when the time is right, most forward-thinking business are already looking to ensure that the tech skills and benefits gained over the last two months will continue in their battle plan ahead.

Home working has taught us plenty, and it’s making us better employees. Flexible, more productive and even more engaging, many staff are reporting greater productivity, they are better organised, and they are often much more regularly in touch with colleagues and clients. With all this experience under our belts, it’s easy to see why remote working may well be a permanent fixture of our future working lives.

Many self-motivated managers will often advocate: Work is something you do, not somewhere you go. And it’s an important lesson as we navigate the recovery ahead. No matter where we are, your employees should be trusted and enabled to do the best work they can. But they still need the tools to make that happen.

Though you might not think it, despite your worst fears, you’ve probably already mastered Microsoft Teams.

However, as you look to further recovery and prioritise your business aims with new focus and innovation, it’s worth looking at how you can better integrate this incredible asset into your plans so that you are even more flexible, more resilient and more innovative than ever before.

Now that you know how it works, Microsoft Teams has the potential to transform your business for even greater benefit and in an easy, cost-efficient way.

With the clock already ticking on the planned removal of old PSTN lines and its ISDN line counterpart, Microsoft Teams can easily replace your entire business phone system with a managed cloud service, enabling seamless, secure connectivity – and all while gleaning the benefits of Microsoft Office 365.

By integrating Microsoft Teams into a cloud-based telephony system – either over the internet or connected via a SIP trunk to a PSTN line – your options become even greater, broadening the number of locations you can work from home and the number of devices you can utilize in your working day.

Delivering seamless continuity – even when switching location or device – it can incorporate multiple functions, uses and apps for powerful cross-functional team working in a secure, reliable environment using the best quality tools available.

Ideal for companies with just a handful of employees to larger firms with 250 or more, it’s a solution which can boost customer service and efficiency levels, save time and money and help in retaining employees now used to the flexibility which Microsoft Teams can bring.

This managed solution means you can also add calling plans that fits your own business needs, and everything is logged and accounted for.

Unlike many other parts of the UK and Ireland, Northern Ireland scores well when it comes to access to high quality broadband and we are well equipped to ensure we can capture its benefits for business growth and innovation.

With most clients now increasingly tech-savvy too and used to this new way of working, isn’t this the right time to ensure that your telecoms system is up to the challenge to capture the opportunities ahead?

In a headline article this month, Forbes magazine said ‘the new normal isn’t remote work. It’s better,” concluding that ‘We’ll be able to focus much less on where we’re working, and instead celebrate the immense contributions that we’re making to our companies and industries.”

Let the battle begin.


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