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Times Have Changed – Let’s not forget

If you’d asked at the beginning of the year what would be the biggest changes in telecoms in 2020, we’d have said the continued adoption of cloud technologies and the continuation of the roll out of remote and home working.

Little did we know that in less than 12 weeks, the way we worked would change so significantly. Businesses both large and small, had to think on their feet and change their working practices. Upgrading their tech or seeking temporary solutions to enable their business to continue to operate with the majority of their staff working from home.

The good news was that the industry had a range of technological solutions at hand to meet these challenges. These ranged from the humble call divert; adoption of cloud technologies to access files, business apps and virtual meetings; to the already programmed and accessible business continuity plan.

Once this is all over and we return to our offices, let’s not forget these lessons.

  1. Have a plan in place, so that you know what you are going to do.
  2. Cloud solutions have reached maturity and can deliver business class solution.
  3. Older trusted technologies, like ISDN, might be hindering your effectiveness.
  4. Flexible working solutions can aid business growth and improve staff morale.
  5. The telecoms and IT industry continue to play a key underlying roll within every business, and should require constant attention and review.

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