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We’re here help – Business Continuity and COVID-19

Keeping your customers and staff healthy and safe is everyone’s priority. Together, we can all help minimise its impact and effects.

Businesses across Northern Ireland – including us – are working hard to keep ahead in these unprecedented times and to keep customers and staff engaged at all times.

While it may not be ‘business as usual’ for everyone, there are plenty of practical solutions available to keep everyone connected.

For those that can, working remotely is now a government priority and we have been working hard to make sure these solutions are available to everyone who needs them.

With many staff now encouraged to relocate to their homes, you might already be concerned how all your incoming calls to your main business phone line can be answered and efficiently managed.

We have an easy, cost-effective solution.

To support business, we can now provide a Business Continuity Planning solution which delivers:

  • Temporary or permanent remote working using the Cloud to transfer or divert calls to relevant mobile recipients at minimal cost.
  • A remote set-up by our technicians (i.e. no physical call outs are required).
  • Our solution means that your main business number can always takes priority if needed – even though staff may be using their mobile for external calls, your office number will always be presented.

We have already established a dedicated a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) action group to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 and ensure all our clients can mitigate its effects.

While other suppliers may be experiencing capacity or reliability issues, we can assure you that we are working dynamically to provide a fully secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that will keep your business going when you need it most.

We want everyone to stay safe, well and still connected and in these unprecedented times. Communicating has never been so important.

For more information, please contact our response team on 0800 018 8082.

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