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Celebrating innovation in tumultuous times

What a year! 2019 will probably go down as one of the most frenetic, politically and economically challenging times of our lifetimes.

There are few certainties as we look to 2020 and whatever your view. These are interesting times.

There’s been many big business stories throughout the year too – those who have done well, been saved or those who have gone to the wall – but as we wrap up a year which I think has gone by just a little too fast, it’s important to look back on what many businesses have achieved despite the odds.

You only have to look at the outcome of this year’s AIB Business Eye Awards. A showcase of Northern Ireland’s best corporate, manufacturing and professional services talent, this year’s event championed a range of important attributes from best skills talent, longevity, new-start bravery, resilience, and, above all, innovation.

Every day, innovators across our business sector create new products, methods and ideas, solve problems others cannot and provide an endless stream of value to their companies, employees and communities.

Innovation. It’s a well-used word but its application is not always appreciated and we need to do much more innovating to build our strength ahead. Innovation makes it easier to grow and those who innovate are better able to scale up, add more employees, win more customers and steal a bigger share of the market

Of course it’s normal to want things to stay as they are. Change can be scary. However, what is important and exciting is that there are many easy ways businesses can up their rankings in the innovation game.

In telecommunications, change is already under way and for the most part, local companies are ahead of the game. For a business keen to innovate more, telecommunications should be a top – if not the number one – priority. With a swift investment return, capacity-building and increased security credentials, a modern telecoms network is no longer a luxury. It’s essential.

As you look into 2020 unaware of the challenges it will be bring, there’s still time to put a plan in place so you can confidently embrace the change that’s coming.

Get out more. An integrated cloud-led telecoms system means you and your staff can work anywhere, anytime. Consider whether your current system provides enough digital opportunities to keep your staff more productively engaged and working in a way they enjoy. More investment in your telecoms network doesn’t mean more time on the phone, tablet or PC. The freedom it brings means you can meet clients, liaise with colleagues and update your files on the go.

Feel free. Do you find you get more work done when you’re not in the office? Why not go further and invest in an integrated telecoms solution that allows you to do just that. Work from home. Hide yourself in a different office or building, café or library. Just log in, connect and get that task off your list.

Embrace the cloud. The mobile and digital revolution will continue to create even greater demands on how and when you work and how and when interact and engage with your staff and customers. Consider whether you have the capacity to cope and whether an integrated cloud solution could be the catalyst for new growth and even greater opportunities.

Time to act: Openreach will soon be phasing out its traditional PSTN and ISDN telecom networks, which means all businesses will be forced to find new solutions which are internet-based. There are plenty of these ‘VoIP’ solutions available to replace them, so it’s time to consider your options.

Time to relax: There’s plenty to consider and plenty to do. But as we look to draw the curtains on 2019 for just a very short spell, may I take this opportunity to wish all a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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