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Malware Alert: Check Your Back-Ups

Over the last month Rainbow has seen a spike in malware attacks, with RYUK Ransomware becoming more prevalent. These attacks are on local businesses both large and small; with the smallest victim having under 5 users.

We would recommend that you do not pay any ransom if your affected, there is no guarantee that your files will be decrypted.

The UK government has issued fresh guidance last month (June 19) on ‘Small Business Guidance Response and Recovery for a Cyber Incident’, click here, to read it in full.

There are a few simple things you can do to help protect your business.

Check Your Back-Ups

Do your backups run as expected? Is your backup solution operating as expected?

Are they frequent enough? What and when do you backup daily, weekly or monthly?

Do you have more than one version? Cyber-attacks can take a time to be noticed, meaning that backup files could be infected as well.

Is there a non-networked version of the backup? Keep your most important and business critical information on a non-networked backup.

Have you practiced your disaster recovery plan? Have you tried to restore your systems from the backups? Do they work?

Rainbow would also recommend

Updating outdated systems. Older systems are more vulnerable to malware and lack support. Microsoft are ending system support for Windows 7 in January 2020.

Maintain your firewall and antivirus solutions. Make sure they are up to date and operating at their maximum efficiency.

Train your staff to identify malicious emails, files, websites and software.

Rainbow IT Support

If you require advice or support on your business data backup solution or implementation, our IT Team are available to offer assistance. We can also conduct an audit of your IT infrastructure looking at operating systems, security solutions and readiness to embrace cloud solutions, which can offer advanced security solutions.

To speak to one of our IT specialists call 0800 018 8082 or email daniel@rainbowcomms.com to arrange a call.

NB: There are no way to 100% protect your business against these threats, due to their evolving nature. But by taking the above steps and implementing the suggestions, you can limit your exposure to these risks.

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