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Five reasons to consider internet-led communications technology to transform your business

You already understand how important communications are to your business’ productivity and efficiency. When it comes to the communication technologies that support your business, even the smallest disruption can result in substantial upset to your day.

The communications industry has advanced at an incredible rate over the last five years and has minimised the risk of your business communications failing through internet-led services. Incorporating the internet into all facets of your communications is a positive step for any business. An internet-led approach differs greatly to the traditional copper wires, making the classic ISDN network appear dated when compared to new business quality VoIP alternatives.

But what exact benefits does internet-led communications offer your business and why should you consider it to transform your business this year? Here’s our top five reasons.

  1. The final countdown for ISDN has already started.

From daily office deadlines to Brexit – we’re all up to our eyes with deadlines. A significant deadline is looming over the telecommunications industry too, the end of ISDN services. BT Wholesale plans to switch off the UK’s legacy  ISDN phone line network by 2025, making this ageing network obsolete.

Interestingly, Openreach has not installed any new ISDN lines in central London since 2014, which goes to show their commitment to and the impressive adoption rate of VoIP services by businesses.

With this planned advancement in mind, there has never been a better time to consider the move for your business.

  1. Every penny counts.

With VoIP using an internet connection, you can do away with costly ISDN lines and physical phone systems. This can help eliminate costly engineering calls, aging hardware, maintenance and the costs associated with productivity loss. In addition, it greatly reduces the costs associated with long distance and international calls, empowering a business to expand its business to international markets.

VoIP technology is incredibly sophisticated and of excellent quality and so much better than the traditional phone systems you might be more familiar with. A better product, for lower price? Surely it’s a no brainer.

  1. Team work makes the dream work.

VoIP services offer advanced telephone features seamlessly such as conferencing, do-not-disturb and instant messaging, helping business transform their internal.

Employees can communicate with one another via the touch of a button and office managers and receptionists can easily see when employees are available or already on a call.

  1. Improved company culture and flexibility.

Company culture includes a variety of elements including first and foremost the day-to-day working environment, along with how a company’s values relate back to employees. We all know that culture is incredibly important to a company’s legacy and brand image. After all, how can you describe yourself as dynamic and caring of your staff if you’re still relying on dated technology?

When culture goes bad staff-turnover can increase and along with being costly to replace employees, your customers suffer.

Flexibility is one of the biggest selling points to today’s workforce and VoIP offers it by the bucket load. It takes the ‘office call’ out of the office allowing calls direct to the office to be answered at home and allowing your employees more opportunity to work on the move – provided an internet connection is available.

  1. First class customer service.

Hiring an expert team to look after your transition to VoIP will, in the long-term lead to them carrying out comprehensive security risks assessments and offer 24/7 access to support, and software updates. All of this relates directly back to your productivity and efficiency delivering a better customer experience.

In addition, premium VoIP features can create excellent customer optics. For example, you can choose ‘on-hold’ music that is relevant to your audience. Auto-attend allows callers to choose the right extension by interacting with a personalised voice recording, and calls can be recorded to ensure an ongoing high quality of service.

With so much change on the horizon, now is the right time to make a call on whether your current phone system is the best for your business in the long run.

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