fibre optics and ethernet cables

What will your resolution be in 2019?

Whether a new gym membership or a new superfast broadband connection, make 2019 your year of change.

At Rainbow, in the course of managing our business and corporate accounts, we deliver in excess of ten million minutes a month and more than 250,000 gigabytes of data.

As such, we continue to maintain our reputation as market leaders and foresee a number of changes to the sector in 2019 that everyone should be aware of, regardless of telecoms requirements.

Throughout the last 12 months there have been numerous developments that have affected our industry, most notably the ongoing retirement of the legacy ISDN lines and the move towards cheaper, more effective technology, in particular the removal of bulky equipment.

VoIP is fast becoming a staple of the business world with corporations and organisations utilising its advanced features and cost-saving benefits. As more and more technology becomes reliant on the internet and a connection to the outside world, data and connectivity is critical for all companies to have, while ‘the Cloud’ is combining to join both the private and public aspects delivering software and storage seamlessly.

Yet what do we see on the horizon as the new year approaches?

We can expect to see the continued roll out of ultrafast fibre broadband across those parts of Northern Ireland still lacking a decent connection, in particular around Belfast.

Once this happens, more businesses will have the opportunity and capability to upgrade their systems and make best use of improved connectivity and so we will see an increase in those moving to VoIP.

We are also expecting hybrid systems to remain popular as businesses start the process of weening themselves off the traditional – and outdated – ISDN and PSTN lines, whilst connecting to the internet to add capacity and advanced features to their existing phone system, helping their businesses grow.

A hybrid cloud solution in particular offers scalability and cost benefits of a public cloud with the security and privacy of a private cloud. Network providers have an opportunity to benefit from this trend, especially those that leverage location intelligence to position their service delivery appropriately and effectively for businesses in particular areas.

Something we have noticed over the last few years is a shift in focus from the consumer demand for connectivity and high-speed access to the B2B market, and we are expecting this trend to continue to grow in 2019.

2019 will see a marked increase in the use of chat apps in B2C messaging but we imagine this will be hampered by slow adoption due to commercial considerations, hoops to jump through and a period of adaptation as consumers get used to the less than personal touch from chat bots and similar.

As the months go by, we will continue to monitor and manage how the telecoms market evolves, assess how this evolution will affect all players in the value chain and highlight potential new opportunities to our suppliers and clients alike.

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