Hacker typing on a laptop with binary code in background


Some years ago, major cyber-system attacks were exclusive to big US blockbuster movies featuring Hollywood stars such as Will Smith and Matthew Broderick – and whilst botnets, zombies and worms all sounded fictional then, the reality now is that they are all too real.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, a threat to an IT system is almost always imminent. As we all get ‘smarter’, and as we continually transmit, collect more data and leave digital footprints on multiple devices, it’s becoming increasingly likely that cyber-attacks will continue to rise in both number and severity.

You will be acutely familiar with a recent big UK cyber-attack, when ‘WannaCry’ malware attacked major NHS databases in what was considered a ‘category two attack’ that had a serious and costly impact on a large portion of the population.

This unprecedented, damaging event highlighted just how important it is for businesses and organisations here to be one step ahead and to leave nothing to chance.

Would you leave your car open in a multi-storey car park? Or your front door wide open if you weren’t at home?

Similarly, by ignoring the risks and the focus required, you may well be leaving your business and your clients open to a significant threat or harm. Your website, your emails, your server – in fact all your online activity – poses a huge threat if not suitably protected.

As this year’s GDPR rules detail, your business information is extremely valuable to those who try to access it without authority, from client lists and customer databases to financial details and in-progress deals.

In last month’s edition, I spoke about the importance of having a strong team to manage your IT requirements. This need becomes even more acute when we consider how a cyber-attack or security issue can drastically affect profits and business reputation.

Despite government efforts, online threats and cyber-crime will continue to grow as the demand for online services increases and criminality evolves. With these innovations, new dangers will surface. However, not all businesses have the confidence or resources to give security the attention is warrants.

If this rings true for you and your business, it’s worth considering an external security service that can seamlessly manage and maintain all aspects of your online security, saving you both time and money. Ultimately this will help your valuable eco-system of information to stay shielded from harm.

At Rainbow Communications, we routinely carry out IT System audits to discover if a business is vulnerable to risk. Where needed, we devise a clear, action and education plan which requires teams to be more aware of potential risks and suitable prevention.

We also build unique firewalls giving systems an added layer of protection. We regularly perform back-ups and tests to ensure the security we put in place is working as intended, often-times revealing the need for remedy.

Whilst those big blockbuster movies almost always have a happy ending, it may not always play out this way for your business. Can you afford to take the risk?

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