iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

“The road of XS leads to the palace of wisdom”, or does it?

Gone are the days of mobile phones the size of briefcases or having to carry a portable satellite and generator to make them work effectively.

Earlier this month Apple launched its latest iPhone models, the shiny new XR, XS and XS Max. While not cheap – ranging from £749 to a whopping £1,449 – they do represent serious upgrades on those that have gone before.

Processing speeds are rumoured to be 15 percent faster than last year’s iPhone with a vastly improved camera function. The OLED display extends the range of the colours on the screen meaning they look brighter.

So yes, useful if you are a 19-year-old Instagram influencer, but how effective will these phones be for the modern, mobile workforce which requires an efficient alternative to the office while on the move?

The “office” is a fluid term these days with clients, suppliers, staff and senior management often miles apart, or on opposite sides of the globe. As such, time difference and set office hours can no longer be set in stone with conference calls, meetings and presentations taking place at any time of the day…or night!

Without doubt, mobiles have transformed how the corporate world works, enabling constant accessibility, portable and convenient internet connection, and organisational capabilities.

Having access to the internet at all times, without worry of current location is invaluable to business owners and their employees. Of course, laptops can be utilised to achieve internet access on the go, but laptops are not always readily available.

Through use of a mobile phone with internet access, people are never left unconnected, if they so wish, proving advantageous when employees need to receive important e-mails or calls. Additionally, a palm-held device allows quick access to the internet for fact checking, data analysis, or research that needs to be done on the move.

Processing speeds are vital for the effective delivery of presentations, video calls or the sharing of files and this is where the XS models make their mark with Apple’s fantastic A12 Bionic delivering one of, if not the fastest mobile processor on the market.

While very similar aesthetically to the last incarnations, the 6, 7, 8 and most recently, last year’s X, these new models are Apple’s attempt at a phone with more advanced technology, aimed squarely at the professional market and less at the ‘Snap, Gram, & Tweet’ brigade.

As providers of telecoms services for local businesses, multinationals and sole practitioners, we are more tuned in than most to the needs and requirements of a modern workforce or work place.

While mobile phones have evolved past playing Snake, businesses need to look beyond the selfie and consider, in its simplest terms, which model may be best for its mobile management.

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