Be More Magpie

Be More Magpie

We were invited to talk about, ‘Behave like a Magpie; follow what successful firms already do’, at a recent CBI Innovation Conference, which confused us. What does a  Magpie have to do with business and success?

The CBI’s paper “From Ostrich to Magpie’ describes ‘the Magpie [business] has a keen eye for spotting readily available technologies and uses management practices proven to lift productivity and pay’. It was only then we realised Rainbow sees Ostriches (who stick with what they know) and Magpies daily; sometimes within the same company.

What is holding business back?

We polled the delegates and discover that 75% believed that their companies didn’t adopt new technology to preserve an employee’s position or maintain the status quo. We were impressed at the high levels of adoption of a range of communication methods including audio, video and web conferencing as well as social media tools. Of those who responded, 79% used three or more different applications to access these services, leading to a disjointed approach to technology and its adoption.

How does innovation solve this?

Innovation means different things to different people. At Rainbow we see innovation as utilising tried and tested communication tools, to innovate new working practices enabling businesses to connect people and resources.

Unified Communications (UC) is all the buzz at the moment, but it’s been around since the 1990s and Rainbow’s been selling UC services since 2011. UC has come a long way; today it brings all your disparate communication tools under one platform, one log-in, one user interface and all managed from one online management system. Freeing up IT resources, simplifying communications and empowering your team to work more efficiently.

How do we act like a Magpie?

We need to change the language in the Board Room. Stop talking about capital expenditure and concentrate on operational expenditure and efficiencies. We need to bring our staff along the tech adoption journey and properly train them to use it effectively. Finally we should look at technologies that are already proven and innovate by changing working practices to improve communication flow, free up time and improve resource utilisation.

Little did we realise, the Magpie is considered one of the most intelligent creatures.

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