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Keeping Connected, and Protected

Connectivity is key for every business, regardless of shape, size or scope. Whether a multi-national with thousands of customers, staff and stakeholders, or a sole proprietor dog-grooming service with a local and loyal clientele, it is vital to remain connected.

At Rainbow, we know how important this is, whether as Northern Ireland’s largest independent provider of communications services, or as a proudly family-owned and operated business celebrating 20 years of success in 2018, we can provide the complete telecom solution to benefit your business.

Whilst some businesses only require a traditional telephone line and good internet connectivity in the office. Once out of the office these businesses become dependent on their business mobile handset, not only for calls, but for emails and diary management.

Yet through one inexpensive change any SME can provide a huge boost to its business connections, and ultimately potential for growth.

A fibre broadband enables you to build your phone network by utilising VoIP and unifying your communications capabilities. This enables costs to be lowered while increasing productivity and importantly allowing calls to the office landline to be answered by a mobile device.

This provides peace of mind for both clients and management, as these add-ons provide more message options, while offering access to files on their mobiles and portable devices.

In addition to voice call development, this new technology also permits video conferencing to take place from anywhere with an internet connection, your kids in the background notwithstanding!

Understandably, any introductions or updates to a company’s systems must be underpinned by the appropriate cyber security measures. Cyber fraud is becoming more prevalent and sophisticated so login details, mobile handsets, laptops, tablets, servers and phone systems all need to be secure and securely monitored and managed.

We work on a daily basis to ensure IT systems and networks are secure from costly cyber-attacks and are continually reinforcing the message that preparation is key.

Preparation helps minimise the risk of hacking or other attacks by staying one step ahead of the plethora of worms, viruses, ransomware and other potential infections circulating the globe.

While Northern Ireland appears better prepared, it certainly isn’t immune, so precautionary measures certainly shouldn’t be the occasional tasks many mistake them for as lower-profile criminals go for lower-profile companies and every location is now within reach.

Companies across Northern Ireland need to be vigilant as hackers strengthen their resolve. Many have already experienced the fallout of poor preparation, making it acutely important to put in place the right measures that will protect your company and your reputation. The looming threat of hackers on a mission to steal your information or hold you to ransom is real.

As a local business, Rainbow understands the requirements of the Northern Ireland business community. Central to this is that no two SMEs are the same and that neither are their communication requirements. For this reason, Rainbow can provide a wide range of products and services to ensure all telecom solutions and strategies are tailored to each client.



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