iPhone x

Does iPhone X mark the spot?

As providers of telecoms services for local businesses, multinationals and sole practitioners, we are more tuned in than most to the needs and requirements of a modern workforce or work place.

The “office” is a fluid term these days with clients, suppliers, staff and senior management often miles apart, or on opposite sides of the globe. As such, time difference and set office hours can no longer be set in stone with conference calls, meetings and presentations taking place at any time of the day…or night!

The technology available to utilise and revolutionise the corporate world has its sights set firmly on the future, and nowhere is that more evident than the latest mobile phones.

The newest contender in the ring is Apple’s iPhone X, a product the tech giant is championing as the next, and last word, in hand held technology for the modern professional, at least for the time being.

At Rainbow, we have long been impressed by the capabilities of Samsung’s flagship models, namely the Galaxy Note 8 and the 8 Active, so there has been a tangible buzz around the office ahead of the new iPhone’s arrival.

While very similar aesthetically to the last incarnations, the 6, 7 and most recently, the 8, the iPhone X is Apple’s attempt at a phone with more advanced technology, aimed squarely at the professional market and less at the ‘Snap, Gram, & Tweet’ brigade.

From a business perspective, memory capacity and security are of paramount importance – in both cases, the Samsung Note 8 is the superior phone to the X. With 6GB of memory compared to four and a fingerprint reader, iris scanner, face detection and Samsung’s revolutionary Knox technology easily beating the X’s 3-D face scanner.

Processing speeds are vital for the effective delivery of presentations, video calls or the sharing of files and this is where the X makes its mark with Apple’s fantastic A11 Bionic delivering the fastest mobile processor on the market.

Apple claims it’s the most powerful, and smartest chip ever in a smartphone. Granted, they are slightly biased, but popular opinion among global experts is that in order to beat it, the A11’s competitors “must buckle up”.

Ultimately, this goes beyond the standard Apple or Android discussion and represents what can be a sizeable investment for a company to benefit its workforce, outputs and efficiency levels.

While mobile phones have evolved past playing Snake, businesses need to look beyond the selfie – although Samsung’s Note 8 does boast higher definition – and consider, in its simplest terms, which model may be best for its mobile management.

At Rainbow, we can discuss limitations and logistics with both brands, and the rest, and how we can utilise the technology available in the provision of a professional telecommunications strategy and approach.

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