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Local companies ring the changes on BT’s customer service shift

Rainbow is reporting a marked increase in enquiries from Northern Ireland companies looking for a locally based customer service provision following BT Retail’s decision to withdraw its NI-based customer service teams in March of this year.

In the last quarter alone, Ballygowan-based Rainbow Communications has received a ten-fold increase in enquires from Northern Ireland based BT Retail customers who have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of on the ground support for their integrated telecoms systems.

Stuart Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Rainbow Communications said: “The scale of dissatisfaction with BT Retail’s decision to withdraw their local service teams is one which has taken even ourselves by surprise.  Telecoms is an absolutely vital resource for modern business, occupying almost ‘utility’ status, so when things don’t always go according to plan you need to have a fast, responsive local team in place to help maintain business confidence, continuity and efficiency.  It is becoming increasingly clear to more and more local businesses that having a ‘remote’ customer service team does not give them the necessary level of support they need and as a result they are looking to local companies such as Rainbow Communications in increasing numbers to provide that vital customer interface.”

One such former BT Retail customer who has already made the switch to the local provider is TJ Hamilton / Mid Ulster Cars, one of the largest new and used car franchises in Northern Ireland.  Kevin Lynch, Financial Controller of TJ Hamilton / Mid Ulster Cars said: “As our existing BT telecoms system was nearing its ‘end of life’ phase we were keen to scan the market and assess the best fit for TJ Hamilton.  High on our wish list was the provision of a strong, technically competent local support provision which would offer us the technical expertise and personnel to ensure we leverage the most from our telecoms investment.  With Rainbow Communications we not only found this but crucially the level of planning and technical know-how ensured that our down time during the migration over to our new telecoms systems was virtually seamless.”

Kevin added: “We are a multi-brand franchise for Volkswagen, Toyota and Suzuki and when operating across a number of sites and businesses it’s vital to have a reliable and integrated telecoms solution to help us maintain our business efficiency and the high customer service levels we set for ourselves.  Inevitably ‘pinch points’ do arrive and when they do it’s extremely reassuring to know that you have a highly experienced, single point of contact in place ready to deal with any eventuality.  This wasn’t always the case in the past and the prospect of dealing with the possibility of a protracted ‘down time’ was one we wanted to eliminate from our business.  Having the ability to quickly converse with a local specialist supported by a comprehensive training package has proved to be one of the best business decision we have made recently and we are confident it will help our business to operate even more efficiently in the future.”


First Published: 30/09/15

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