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Unable to switch off like a mobile phone?

Summer has well and truly arrived if the weather from the past fortnight was anything to go by.

The perfect time to travel to far off places, sit back, sip on a nice cold drink, switch off the phone and relax….except it seems that the majority of us do not.

A recent survey found that two thirds of people in the UK admit to checking work emails while abroad, with an astonishing one in five of them saying they subsequently respond to most, if not, of all of them.

It seems that in today’s world of instant communications, it’s becoming increasingly hard for us to simply “switch off” like a mobile phone.

We have so much technology at our finger tips that gone are the days when we didn’t think about our work or homes lives until we boarded that return plane home.

A separate study recently carried out by TravelSupermarket found that we take, on average, five separate gadgets each on holidays- including our smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

So for those of us that can’t put the gadgets away while abroad, I have compiled a list of the best mobile phone Apps around so you don’t suffer from holiday tech withdrawal:

A few years ago many of wouldn’t dream of using our phones abroad to make calls to the office but now with applications such as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) we can connect to our colleagues at the touch of a button.

This won’t cost a penny if it is over a free Wi-Fi connection, but how do you know if free Wi-Fi is available?

A smartphone App called “Wi-Fi Finder” will do just that. Simply download it from the App store and it will quickly and easily find the nearest Wi-Fi for you.

There are over 650,000 locations in 144 countries so one won’t be hard to come by!

Perhaps you are on a business trip and are required to keep all your expenses? No doubt you’ll end up with reams of handwritten notes on the back of train tickets or hotel receipts.

A free smartphone App entitled “Expensify” seamlessly tracks all your expenses by syncing with credit cards and bank accounts or, if you are paying with cash, becomes a receipt scanner.

Even mileage is added via your GPS, so everything is totted up as you go through your entire business trip- meaning you can leave the illegible notes behind.

You might be relaxing by the pool when an all-important business call comes in. Certainly you don’t want to miss it, but pen and paper are hard to come by in your beach bag, so what’s the solution so you don’t miss the vital details?

That’s where the “TapeACall” comes in handy.

The free App lets you record all your incoming and outgoing phone calls at the touch of a button. The App is currently the Number 1 business App in places such as Hong Kong, Sweden and Israel, and allows business users to save and then email recordings to other devices immediately.

The audio is available as soon as you hang up, so there’s no excuse for missing that fundamental detail.

Many of us perhaps mightn’t dream of phoning work while in sunnier climes but at least we’re safe in the knowledge, that if something urgent happens in the office, with Apps such as these, we have Factor 50 style coverage.


First Published: 23/07/13

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