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What’s Next for the Mobile Market?

Eric Carson makes predictions of what our mobile phones will be capable of in the not so distant future

We have developed an ever increasing reliance on our mobile phones, not only in our personal lives but throughout our working day.

The mobile industry is developing at a rapid pace with technological capabilities continually evolving and advancing.

This makes it very hard to predict too far in advance what could possibly be next.

Based on recent developments I am going to discuss some ideas I believe will be developed further and some predictions of what our phones will be capable of in the not so distant future.

Location Based Functionality

We have already seen advances in this area through Facebook Places and adding a location to your Tweet. Emergency services are keen to develop this function as it could help them to locate victims of accidents or crimes from their cellular signal.


A projector on your mobile phone, what a great idea! Just fire up the app and hey presto, your business presentation can get started with minimal fuss. The Samsung Beam was the first handset to incorporate a projector function, albeit with a very basic app but credit is still due. Healthcare experts have expressed an interest in the feature and architects who would be keen to project 3D images of designs straight from their mobile device.

Advanced Imaging

At present, cameras on mobile handsets are used for convenience, not quality. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that although my phone (with a camera function) comes everywhere with me I still bring my digital camera to important events.

Perhaps we will see leaders in the photography and mobile markets coming together allowing us to rely solely on our mobile device for photographic purposes.


We store and access so much personal data from our mobile devices it is paramount that all data is secure and safe.

Biometric security could mean that our beloved iPhones and Blackberries will no longer be able to be used by other people as the device will be protected with fingerprint verification or voice recognition.

The End of Dialling

Research and development is underway in America to develop a mobile phone that uses the power of thought to make a call! A specially designed headband responds to cues from your brain and sends the commands to your mobile via Bluetooth.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what on earth the mobile industry will be capable of next.

However, one thing we can predict is that the industry doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon, meaning other electronic devices will have to gear up if they wish to avoid becoming obsolete.

First Published: 01 Jun 2011

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