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Business Travel – Saving time with your smartphone

Eric Carson discusses the best time saving travel apps for businessmen

For many people, travelling is an essential part of the business day. However, travelling and even planning our travel eats away at the hours we have in the day to be productive.

Thankfully, smartphones have provided a way for us to stay connected and productive for as long as possible when on the road or in the air. Here are some of the apps I have used to save some time and get things done when on the go.


This app allows you to search for car rental, hotels and flights from your smartphone whilst walking to the car or waiting for a meeting to begin.

Trip It

Once everything is booked you will receive email confirmations of the reservations. When you arrive to save time filtering through your emails simply forward the confirmation emails to Trip It which then keeps all your details in once place and creates your own personal travel itinerary.

Met Office App

Have you ever left home in the pouring rain complete with boots, rain jackets, jumpers, umbrella, the works, then arrived at your destination only to find the sun splitting the sky with not a rain cloud in sight? This could be the app for you! You can check the weather at your destination in advance and bring a change of clothes if necessary.

Packing Pro

This app is great for making lists of what you have to remember to bring, and might just save you an emergency trip to the Apple store to buy a charger for your iPhone!

RAC Traffic

This free app provides you with live UK traffic information; perfect for avoiding traffic jams and incidents on the way to air and sea ports.

Dragon Dictation

This is great if you struggle to walk and type at the same time. This app can be trained to recognise your voice and will turn speech into text which you can later copy and paste into an email or SMS.


Forget trying to keep all your receipts safe and in one place until you return to the office. This free app allows you to manually enter costs and expenses and will even save a photo of your receipt whilst you’re out and about.

Jiwire’s Wi-Fi Finder

Avoid data roaming charges when abroad and use this app locate the nearest free wireless hotspots.

XE Currency

This app updates the latest exchange rates live for over 180 currencies.

Virgin Atlantic Jet Lag Fighter

Using your flight information this app calculates the best way for you to re-adjust when travelling across time zones.

Google Translate

And for those of you required to travel slightly further afield with little or no knowledge of the local language, this app should be enough to get you by for a couple of days!

If you are travelling by air, many airports have developed apps for passengers to monitor the status of their flight as they make their way to the airport.

Alternatively, why not check if your airline, airport, or train station is online and contact them via their Twitter page with any queries you have about your journey.

 First Published: 08 Sep 2011

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