It is possible to change the system clock on your NEC, Panasonic and Siemens Telephony System by following our simple instructions below. If you have any other system or  require assistance in changing your systems clock, please call a member of our team on 0800 018 8082, who will be able to help.*

NEC System

  • Go to the main Reception Phone or System Phone
  • Press ‘spk’ and dial 828
  • Enter the time new time into the 24-hour clock i.e. 2100
  • Press ‘spk’

Panasonic KXTDA Series System

  •  Find the first extension, usually extension 201. This must be a display style phone
  • Press the program key, followed by the * key twice and then dial 134
  • Enter 000
  • Enter Year (In two digit format i.e. 15)
  • Press Right – Enter Date (in 2 digit format e.g. 01-31), press enter
  • Press Next, Enter Hour (e.g. 01-12) then minutes (00-59)
  • Select AM or PM
  • Press enter then Press End/Hold

Siemens Systems

  •  Press service button (top left)
  • Dial *95
  • Dial 31994 and press the tick
  • Dial 31994 again and press the tick
  • Press the right arrow key, until you come to time and press the tick key
  • Dial * and enter time (hhmm) and press the tick key
  • Press the service button


* Charges will apply

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