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Rainbow’s hosted VoIP, create a virtual phone system that delivers high definition calls over an internet connection. Being virtual you can gain access to advanced telephone features without the costly investment or maintenance of a traditional phone system.  Rainbow hosted services enable businesses to work smarter, faster and on the move, whilst driving down telephony costs.

Hosted & VoIP Reduce Costs

Not having a physical PBX removes the need for large capital investments and maintenance contracts. You only pay for your users and features they require.

Hosted & VoIP Increases flexibility

Being a cloud based solution, users and features can be added and removed as required, meaning your phone system can grow with your business, or make allowances for sessional demands.

Feature Rich Phone System

Access all of the features you’d expect from an advanced phone system, but only pay for the features you use. Telephone Feature Descriptions.

Work on the Move

With your phone system being based in the cloud you can take your calls with you, as long as you have an internet connection. Or increase your productivity with Unified Communications, click here to find out more.

Business Continuity

Having the ability to remain contactable whenever you cannot reach the office or their is a issue with your office phones is vital to the modern business. With hosted and hybrid services, telephone numbers can automatically be transferred to a secondary number automatically, should your primary number be unreachable.

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