Inside Office of Featherstone Clements Estate Agents

Fetherston Clements are one of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing estate agents. Opening in 2012, they now boast three offices.

Fetherston Clements had been considering a traditional on-site telephone system, which would have taken up significant space in their three offices, incurred substantial capital and maintenance costs and the traditional phone system would not have grown easily with their business.

Alastair Clements, Partner” As one of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing estate agents, we are trusted by our customers to maximise their property’s value. Rainbow Cloud Telephony Solution, has enabled us to grow without large capital investments in traditional phone system’s”.


As a new start-up Fetherston Clements Estate Agents wanted to minimise the costs of their telephony and its maintenance. That also saw the benefits of taking advantage of more advanced technologies, that would accommodate the organisations future growth plans.

Following consultation with Fetherston Clements to fully understand their growth plans, Rainbow Communications designed and implemented a Cloud Telephony Solution, otherwise known as VoIP. This would improve delivery of information across all their offices and agents, with significant cost efficiencies and will also support future expansion.


Cloud Telephony allows Fetherston Clements to manage their calls via a user friendly web portal. The web portal gives them the ability to divert calls to their desktop, mobile phone or any chosen number. They can also manage calls through call queuing, ensuring important calls are not missed during peak ties and unanswered calls are transferred to free users, regardless of site location.

The Cloud Telephony solution enables their three sites to act as one. Each office main number, can ring in any individual location and can be set by time of day, day of week or not being answered, ensuring calls are not missed. The internal extensions dial between office locations, meaning ‘site to site’ calls are free.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS users were deployed to make and receive calls, using either a WiFi or mobile data connection, bypassing traditional telephony networks.

Result of Cloud Telephony

Rainbow’s Cloud Telephony solution has eliminated the need for costly capital outlay and overheads associated with a traditional PBX. This enables Fetherston Clements to maximise their telephony solutions ability to grow and flex with their business.

No more missed calls, through flexible call routing with features including hunt groups and inbound call distribution across all sites and mobiles.

Cloud telephony delivers a modern communications infrastructure that has revolutionised business process and enabled Fetherston Clements to maximise their effectiveness.

Alistair continues, “We were excited about the possibilities with Rainbow Communications and their Cloud Telephony solution, as we wanted to be as easily contacted as possible for our clients and potential viewers. Now with their flexible and scalable telephony platform callers can reach us anywhere by dialling one number if needed. This has enabled us to keep up the high standards of customer contact we strive for in Fetherston Clements, ensuring no calls from a potential buyer or tenant goes unanswered. Rainbow’s Cloud Telephony system is flexible and will meet all our future business needs as we continue to grow and strive to offer higher standards of service to clients”.

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