Image for Toals Hedges its Bets on Rainbow

Toals Hedges its Bets on Rainbow

Rainbow Communications has recently completed a major programme of upgrading the internal telecoms network of Toals, representing an investment of £500,000 by the bookmakers.

Bringing its systems squarely into shape with the 21stcentury and the latest technology available, Rainbow is now replacing Toals’ pre-existing single landlines and traditional broadbands and replaced them with hosted phone systems and a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

MPLS is a high-performance telecoms network between sites that remains secure and unhindered by the public internet. The MPLS will connect all Toals sites to their Head Office in Belfast.

Lauren Toal, Director at Toals, said;

“Our business is continually evolving, and we aim to make the most of any new technology available that can and will benefit our patrons and staff and this investment will drive both efficiency and cost-effectiveness for Toals.

“We are delighted to support a local company that delivers the highest standard of work and professionalism which has been pivotal to our ongoing and successful partnership.”

A family run business since being established in 1932, Toals Bookmakers first opened in Ballymena, rapidly progressing in size and currently boasting 50 locations throughout all six counties of Northern Ireland.

A client of Rainbow since 2014, the bookmaker required a telecom supplier that could continue to provide its shops with a strong and reliable internet connection in order to keep the business running smoothly and successfully.

Stuart Carson, Sales and Marketing Director at Rainbow, said;

“We are thrilled to be in the position to continue the long-standing working relationship we hold with Toals for this exciting and pivotal period of growth and investment.

“The evolution of MPLS comes at a time when traditional ISDN lines are becoming increasingly defunct, so it is imperative for companies and organisations to ensure they are ahead of the game.”

Since coming onboard with Rainbow, Toals has expanded on the services they required to include a VoIP phone system throughout the company’s network and mobile phone requirements.

Rainbow continues to supply the telecommunications needs and requirements for Toals, its 50 locations and 262 staff members in addition to the Telephone Betting Service open seven days a week.

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