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Evolution, adaptation & innovation for the long-term solution

Tech and telecoms are two of the fastest developing industries for businesses to get their heads around. Who would have thought 20 years ago that we could manage our entire company and workforce using a single handheld device from anywhere in the world.

In addition the way we consume media has been revolutionized by companies such as Netflix. Gone are the days of schlepping down to Xtra-Vision to pick up a VHS of a Friday evening. Now, we have the latest TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters at our fingertips, whether curled up on the sofa or travelling by plane, train or bus and time is needing killed.

The latest developments in the telecoms sector are no different. I have mentioned previously how workforces are increasingly reliant on mobile capabilities and superfast connectivity. We are moving away from a reliance on ISDN lines to everything being based in the “cloud”.

With the majority of tech, there are huge variations in the quality and staying power of different products. A perfect example is the iPod, a simple device that ticked all the right boxes and has justifiably stayed true to itself and its fans, while not having to evolve into an unrecognizable entity. On the flip side, while Blu-Ray has made DVDs all but redundant, the convenience of streaming is trumping the superior quality of the former.

The development and delivery of superior technology is vital from both a consumer and a corporate perspective. Savvy shoppers know what’s on the market and what they should be paying, while bosses need to watch their bottom lines and how that is reflected in productivity and efficiency levels among their workforce, sole practitioners included.

Accreditation by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is a useful tool to add credibility to a product or service whether consumer or business. Within our own sector, any hardware or software we install must be of “carrier grade”, ensuring its reliability and capabilities have been proven through rigorous testing.

With competition so fierce within such a relatively small marketplace, we always need to ensure we are at the top of our game. At Rainbow, our long-term solution is based on evolving, adapting and innovating, whether through our customer care or cutting-edge technology. We don’t have to rest on our laurels.

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