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Keys, wallet, phone and Data Protection

Our lives depend more on mobile phones and handheld devices now more than ever before. As the line between business and personal use blurs, data protection must be of paramount importance.

Phone-hacking scandal after scandal and the widespread use of social media messaging services for inter and intra-company communications has put mobile security at the top of companies’ checklists.

Organisations that allow, and encourage, mobile devices as part of their communication network, have been found to allow employees a greater level of independence, which in turn improves productivity, and can ultimately provide cost savings for small to medium sized companies.

Yet it can also leave businesses open to risk, as many neglect to put the same safeguards on their mobile fleet network as they would on their computer systems.

Incorporating the right protective measures and implementing clear policies and procedures in-house will ensure the protection of sensitive data, avoid security risks and preventing potential fraud calls. Costs for these are minimal compared to the potentially devastating effects of data loss or reputational management.

Methods include devices, apps and sensitive content being protected with simple add-ons as one cost-effective solution. International and premium rate calls can also be blocked, or apps can only be downloaded from trusted sources.

With an increasing reliance on “the cloud” for an effective, 24/7, sales-driven global office, connectivity is more important than ever. With confidential and sensitive documents and data whizzing through the ether, businesses need to be aware of how they can maximise their security measures for the benefit of themselves and their clients.

In June, we are bringing together leading industry experts from Samsung and EE to share their insights on how business on the go is changing, from mobile security via virtual reality to Wi-Fi calling. This will enable us to be even better placed to keep our customers informed. Integration of mobile and desktop devices is vital for the modern workplace, whether as a sole practitioner or an office of 500 staff, so the more informed a management or tech team can be, the better.

A unified communications network will allow for a more unified workforce and we have helped guide thousands of companies, organisations, institutions and agencies through the minefield of mobile telephony and tech. If this is something you need to talk about, pick up the phone.

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