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Keeping in touch… Countrywide

While their core business is criss- crossing the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland on a daily basis collecting and delivering a range of products from as small as a jiffy bag to a fully loaded trailer the need to be in constant contact has never been greater.

Countrywide Freight Group is a privately owned local transport company which is recognised as the market leader in parcel, pallet and groupage collection and delivery services between the UK and Ireland.  The job of keeping the 500 staff, 200 vehicles and 8 depots in constant contact is down to Rainbow Communications, Northern Ireland leading independent telecoms provider.  For the last 11 years Rainbow Communications has worked closely with the Mallusk-based company to ensure that no matter how far they travel supporting the business needs of their clients, Countrywide staff are always connected.

Communicating on the move

Stuart Carson, Sales and Marketing Director of Rainbow Communications “Being ‘out of the office’ is an absolutely necessary for the vast majority of Countrywide staff so our main responsibility is to ensure that although they are travelling hundreds of thousands of miles per year, everyone is connected to a system that provides a core communications platform which meets the needs of their expanding business.

“We have developed a bespoke system of land line and smart phone technology to provide Countrywide with a comprehensive telecoms system that consistently covers the whole of the UK and Ireland.  Countrywide customers rely on them to adhere to demanding delivery and collection schedules so one of the key aspects of our service is to ensure that 24/7 communication channels are maintained across the company and its fleet of vehicles, no matter where they are. “

“Co-ordinating such a sizeable transportation fleet to its optimum efficiency takes years of experience and skill and Countrywide has consistently shown their customers that when it comes to getting parcels and other freight from one part of the country to another, few can eclipse their service.  Rainbow Communications is proud of the part it plays in helping Countrywide to achieve its business success and will continue to integrate the very latest technology to help keep them at the forefront of their industry.”

Tailor made solutions

Countrywide Freight Group is a privately owned transport company which has built its reputation on Next Day Delivery from the UK to Ireland and takes great pride in providing a high standard of service and customer satisfaction to its loyal customer base.  Their timely collection and delivery of parcels and pallets is achieved through a modern fleet of vehicles operating throughout the UK and Ireland.  Countrywide customers come from a variety of sectors including the automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic technology, retail and cosmetics industries. They are committed to providing customers with a comprehensive range of collection and delivery services.  Countrywide strives to add value wherever possible and provide customers with tailor made solutions carrying anything from a Jiffy bag up to a full load, transport pallets, parcels and drums.

“As a privately owned local transport company we have built our reputation on Next Day Delivery from the UK to Ireland and we take great pride in providing a high standard of service and customer satisfaction to our loyal customer base.” says Donal McAllister, Countrywide Group Managing Director.    “We have been working with Rainbow Communications for over 11 years now and during that time we have been extremely impressed with their professional approach which focusses on tailoring solutions that crucially for us, deliver cost savings and efficiencies, which helps improve our position in an extremely competitive market.  They do this in a professional consultative manner which is why over the years we have recommended their services to a number of our customers and business associates,“ Donal added.

Extremely competitive on price

“In our business you have to be able to react very quickly to changing circumstances whether that’s mechanical issues, poor weather, road works, the list goes on.  Early on in our professional relationship it became clear that Rainbow Communications shares that same ethos when it comes to problem solving, plus it was immediately evident they wanted to build a relationship that would last, so it’s no surprise that our working relationship has developed significantly over the last 11 years.  But at the end of the day you have to be extremely competitive on price and service and again Rainbow Communications has shown their business acumen on these important issues.  As a lot of our drivers say, when you’re a long way from home i’ts reassuring to know that there’s always someone there to help look after things and when it comes to telecoms we know we’re with the best people in the business.”

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